1. leyla zana makes waves... →

    her interview.  talking heads comment.  

  2. when an apology means something... →

    when turks decide to apologize australians can help them: 29 minutes of truth; goes well with wine. if muslim, try cay.

  3. Turkey says US favorable to sale of armed drones →

    unarmed drones weren’t enough…  the turkish president is now asking obama for armed ones as well…

  4. washington admits role in the massacre of roboski... →

     ”It was a U.S. Predator drone that spotted the men and pack animals, officials said, and American officers alerted Turkey.”

  5. is gandhi relevant to kurds? →

    "Can it possibly be that Gandhi’s incredible, world-changing nonviolence may be what we need to achieve an independent Kurdistan?"

  6. An Interview with Selahattin Demirtas →

    a good read on how the kurds of turkey view the complicated kurdish question in the middle east…

  7. refurbishing a constitution that reeks of racism... →

    some people think a new constitution could iron out the differences between the turks and the kurds…  if they do, it will be temporary.  eventually, what happened in czechoslovakia is going to happen in turkey…

  8. kirkuk and hawler contrasted... →

    "Kurds control police forces, Arabs, the judiciary, and Turkmens, education." apparently, that is the situation in kirkuk… alas, it doesn’t promise stability. if the environment is poisoned, (simply, remember saddam’s 35 years rule) it takes YEARS to restore it to its pristine, idyllic condition. we are decades away for meaningful peace…

  9. white americans and black americans... →

    White, then, is not simply color, but privilege — not necessarily in the sense of wealth, but rather in the sense of having one’s personhood and individuality respected, a privilege so basic I doubt it registers with many whites as privilege at all. We’re talking about the privilege of being seen, of having your worth presumed, of receiving the benefit of the doubt and some human compassion, of being treated as if you matter.”  replace the word white with turks, persians and arabs and think of turkey, iran, iraq, and syria and then replace the word black with kurds…

  10. a trailer about a book on ghassemlou... →